The Year in Pictures: Sam and Jon in 2008

January: Hiking through an icy forest at Sunfish Pond, New Jersey

February: Cross-country skiing in Quebec's Duchesnay state park (note the nifty sideways technique)

March: At the bar in the Ice Hotel in Quebec (on the rocks or on the rocks?)

April: Dreaming of bulgogi atop Namsan (South Mountain) in Seoul, South Korea

May: Our garden in spring (looks a lot like Longwood Gardens in Brandywine, Pennsylvania)

June: After 20 years, on the road again (well, it took until August to get it running... but leaks oil like it was brand new!)

July: At Millenium Park in Chicago with the family: Janice, Marcia, personal tour guide / entertainment consultant Sarah, Sam and Erik

August: Buddies Brian and Dean in front of Dean's Christmas present at the Threshermen's Convention in Kinzers, Pennsylvania

September: On the Pinnacle on Blue Mountain with cousins Paul and Jamie

October: At nephew Mark and Molly's wedding, with nephews Jeff and Jon (using patented arm's-length photographic technique)

November: Black Saturday at Macy's on 34th St. in Manhattan; didn't buy a thing...

December: Our new bathroom (actually, September through December... took a while, but finally done!)