Java SNMP Package

This is an open-source implementation of the SNMP protocol as a Java package. It provides support for basic SNMP client and agent operations as defined in SNMP versions 1 and 2 (excluding the security model proposed as part of SNMP version 2, which was never widely accept or deployed). The package provides a mechanism for "getting and setting" SNMP object identifier (OID) values through a simple communication interface, and represents SNMP structures and datatypes as corresponding Java objects. The package has been used to provide SNMP communication capabilities for the Airport/RG-1000 Configurator and SNMP Inquisitor applications.

Version 1.1 adds support for SNMP Trap generation and reception.
Version 1.2 provides separate classes for trap generation and monitoring, and a method for retrieving table data
Version 1.3 adds SNMP agent functionality, and methods for setting and retrieving multiple OID values in a single PDU
Version 1.4 improves error handling and reporting functionality, adds support for SNMPv2 Traps and Inform Requests, and includes Ant and GNU Make build scripts


The source distribution contains the Java source files for the package, as well as the source code for four sample applications which utilize the package, a simple example application that illustrates basic use of the package, a simple GUI agent application that listens for and responds to get- and set-requests, a simple GUI trap application that listens for and generates traps, and the source for the SNMP Inquisitor, a utility for querying SNMP-enabled devices.

Current version:
Note  The trap support provided in versions 1.4 and later is not directly backward compatible with versions 1.3 and earlier; several classes have been renamed to differentiate better between v1 and v2 traps. As such, applications written to previous versions of the SNMP package which use traps will need to be modified to use the version 1.4 package.

Previous versions:


JavaDoc documentation for the classes in the package: Introduction and short tutorial:

Change Log

Version 1.4.1:

Version 1.4: