Java Libraries and Applications


The following are libraries that can be incorporated into Java applications to provide graphics or network functionality. These are all open-source packages, utilizing the MIT Software License.

JDXF: Java DXF Library

The JDXF library provides support for generation of DXF files for use with CAD programs using standard Java AWT Graphics “draw” and “fill” commands.

JSVG: Java SVG Library

The JSVG library provides support for generation of SVG files using standard Java AWT Graphics “draw” and “fill” commands.These files can then be opened and edited with standard vector-graphics programs such as Inkscape.

Java SNMP Package

The Java SNMP Package is an implementation of the SNMP protocol as a Java package. It provides support for basic SNMP client and agent operations as defined in SNMP versions 1 and 2.



Java AWT applications for use on a PC running Windows/Linux/Mac OSX. Note that an appropriate Java runtime environment (JRE) will be required on the system; if needed, this can be downloaded for free from Oracle’s website.

Rosette Designer

Rosette Designer is an app for designing mosaic rosettes for acoustic guitar design. Mosaic designs can be saved and printed, along with parameters needed for constructing the rosette. Note that several versions are available, including Android and web-based versions.

Guitar Designer

An app for designing guitar body shapes.Note that an Android version is also available.

Fretmarker Design

Fretmarker Design is a Java application to aid in the design of unique guitar fret markers.

SNMP Inquisitor

A Java application which provides an interface for querying and setting the values of SNMP object identifiers (OID’s) on SNMP-enabled network devices.


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