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Rosette Designer Web Edition is a web-browser-based application that helps in the design of mosaic soundhole rosettes for use in acoustic guitar construction. The program allows a luthier to easily experiment with rosette designs, drawing directly on the rosette to color individual tile elements. Mosaic designs can be saved for later modification and use, exported as PNG images, and exported as PDF files that include an expanded tile map and parameters needed for constructing the rosette (color counts, tile and row/column dimensions, etc.)

This is the Javascript version of the application, which runs right in the web browser of any PC (Windows/Linux) or Mac. Just click the link below to launch.

User’s Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to run the app?

You’ll need a PC (or Mac) with a web browser – that’s it! Just open the link above to launch the app in your web browser.

How does this relate to the Java or Android version?

The only difference is that this runs in your web browser, and thus doesn’t need to be downloaded and doesn’t require any additional setup (e.g., a Java runtime). Just open the link above in your web browser and start designing! Note that saved designs are compatible between the versions – designs saved with either version can be opened and used by the other.


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