JSCut Inlay Assistant

JSCut Inlay Assistant is a light customization of the wonderful JSCut web-based CAM program. Just like the original, JSCut Inlay Assistant will convert SVG files to CNC g-code cutting paths. However, it is specialized to the needs of those doing inlays, such as those found on the peghead or fretboard of a guitar. The Inlay Assistant will automatically generate combined g-code to perform “climb-conventional” combination cuts that are needed to cut accurate inlays and pockets, as discussed in the article CNC Inlays in Lutherie. JSCut Inlay Assistant is less general than the original JSCut program, but functions in much the same way, and retains the beautiful simulation capabilities that let you see the paths that will be traversed.

Launch JSCut Inlay Assistant



  • Recess and Inlay operations that combine climb and conventional cuts for enhanced accuracy
  • Ability to round corners to cutter radius in both inlay and recess to eliminate the need for post-routing touch-up
  • 3D simulation view to check cutter paths
  • GCode output to control CNC router



Date Notes
1.0 2021-05-01 Initial release
2.0 2021-12-02 Add capability to round corners of design to radius of cutter to eliminate need for file touchup of sharp corners
2.1 2021-12-30
  • Save round-corners checkbox as part of settings/preferences
  • Remove existing SVG when load new file
2.2 2022-01-06 Provide ability to select desired gcode origin on SVG image
3.0 2023-02-15 Add ability to move and zoom SVG design
3.1 2023-04-17 Chrome popover bug fix, adjust initial view of SVG when loaded


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