Web Applications

Applications that will run in any web browser, desktop or mobile.

Dead of the Day

This app provides a simple and elegant interface in your web browser that lets you listen to thousands of Grateful Dead concerts for free, courtesy of the Internet Archive, which houses the most extensive collection of live recordings ever assembled.

Band Buddy

Band Buddy is a web-browser-based app that fetches concerts from the enormous archive of live recordings housed at the Internet Archive (www.archive.org). Pick a band from the thousands that have concerts in the archive, and Band Buddy will fetch you a concert.

JSCut Inlay Assistant

Software that runs right in your browser to generate g-code for controlling CNC routers to generate inlays and their pockets. This is a light customization of the wonderful and more general JSCut CAM program, targeted to generating g-code sequences for inlays.

Rosette Designer Web Edition

Rosette Designer is an app for designing mosaic rosettes for acoustic guitar design. Mosaic designs can be saved and printed, along with parameters needed for constructing the rosette.

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