SNMP Inquisitor

This Java application provides an interface for querying and setting the values of SNMP object identifiers (OID’s) on SNMP-enabled network devices. It permits the retrieval of value(s) corresponding to specific supplied OID’s, or will retrieve the values of all variables available on a device (i.e., perform an SNMP “treewalk”). It also provides a facility for setting the value of any specified variable. Note that to set the value of a variable, it must be writable, and the appropriate read/write community name must be supplied. (To retrieve values, you’ll need the read password, which is usually “public”.) Values returned by the device are displayed in the “Responses” window, in the form OID, type, and value.

A screenshot of the SNMP Inquisitor


Note that this application assumes the user is familiar with the Simple Network Management Protocol. A great deal of information is available on the web; a short PowerPoint introduction can be found here. Definitive information can be found in a number of RFCs. (Note that those parts of the RFCs detailing the security model proposed in RFC version 2 should be considered obsolete.) The application is hopefully fairly self-explanatory for users with the appropriate background; I’ll write up a manual when I get a chance…



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